I have some problems ,help![solved]

i send "cargo run" in my project , it has some errors,but i only know 'exit code: 0xc0000139, STATUS_ENTRYPOINT_NOT_FOUND'
i don't know it means , how can i get more informations in my project errors
crate:enigo: The source code is different from github
the github can run ,but crate have error
but when i use github(enigo) and crate(native_windows_gui) ,it error :

Well, I think you should give more details on your program. My guess is that you do not have a main function. Is that correct?

in 90% of cases, error messages help you narrow the problem down. In this case the fact that it successfully compiled, ran and failed because of a missing entrypoint suggests to me that the code itself is fine, but you may have a damaged compiler or toolchain. That being said, there's far too little information here to be able to conclusively say. If you could post the code which produces the error, you may have more luck

thanks for everyone,
question 1 detailed information:
enigo-V0.0.14(GitHub - enigo-rs/enigo: Cross platform input simulation in Rust)
source code in src/win/win_impl.rs:
it work great

source code in src/win/win_impl.rs:
it have a problem

i get infomation:panicked at 'cannot transmute_copy if U is larger than T' · Issue #121 · enigo-rs/enigo · GitHub

solution:embed_manifest - Rust

thank you!
more informations
reply at the end

thank you!
more informations look at the end

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