I Got a Milk-V Duo (and It’s Running Rust) - Barrett's Club

I made a blog post that helps folks get into RISC-V with Rust! Since the Milk-V Duo is pretty popular, and there were no guides for it, I just had to do it!

Please let me know if you see any room for improvement, particularly on the "static compilation" side of things. I couldn't get that to work on the base Buildroot system, especially with musl libc making it a tier 3 target with no rustup builds or CI testing by the Rust team itself.

In fact, it doesn't even have 'confirmed' std support or host tools. FreeBSD and OpenBSD do, though! (that sounds like a fun project later down the line)

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Half the characters are missing on that linked page. Makes it pretty tough to read.

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I can't see any problems myself. What's your platform, browser, active add-ons, etc?

Safari on a MacBook Pro M1. No addons/plugins etc. Must be 30% of characters missing at random, all over.

Oddly it looks just fine on the Chrome I have on the same machine.

Safari is sadly a rather buggy browser that causes all sorts of problems for webdevs who have to make it work because it's the default browser on Mac and iOS. :confused: It's not even standards compliant in some cases.

Whoops, I think I know what this is! I use Cantarell as the font for my site, but for some reason, it renders poorly (if at all) when using the macOS font rendering implementation.

Probably should have tested on desktop Safari, completely slipped my mind! Sorry for the trouble. :relieved:

No clue what font I can use instead, though..!

Hey again! Sorry for the two messages, but I can't seem to reproduce this issue. Could you please send me your Safari and macOS release numbers?

Mac OS Ventura 13.1
Safari 16.2

However it all looks good this morning. All is well.

For the record it looked like this last night:

It's not missing at random, it's missing p and t, which is… equally funny. (p is the 16th letter of the alphabet, so at first I was like "prolly bit #4 going haywire", but that wouldn't explain why e.g. not every letter beyond p refuses to render.)


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