I get an "expected item, found keyword `let`" error and I don't know how else to write this code

use std::collections::VecDeque;

fn clear_window (wnd: &mut VecDeque<usize>, now: usize, width: usize){
        while let Some(x) = wnd.front() {
            if x + width > now {
let mut w1 = VecDeque::new();
let mut w10 = VecDeque::new();
let mut w60 = VecDeque::new();

    for t in requests {
        clear_window(&mut w1, t, 1);
        clear_window(&mut w10, t, 10);
        clear_window(&mut w60, t, 60);
        let should_drop = w1.len() >= 3 || w10.len() >= 20 || w60.len() >= 60;

        println!("{}: {}", t, should_drop);


Code in the linked playground works fine. Here's the playground with the code from post.

As for the error - it's simply due to the mismatched brace. To illustrate it, I've wrapped the whole code in another function and run rustfmt - here's the modified playground; you can see that everything since let mut w1 = VecDeque::new(); is outside fn clear_window.


Yeah, this solves the issue. Thanks for your help.

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