I cannot contact the owner of a crate, even though he says to contact him for the crate ownership

Hey, I have code for downloading a file with a progress bar, and I wanted the crate name download. The owner of the crate (swmon) says to contact him in the README if I want the crate. But... there is no contact information anywhere! Can someone please help me? Has anyone been able to contact him? Please, help me!

That username is a well-known crate squatter. Regardless, I would advise a less generic name anyways. Common dictionary words tend to get buried by the everyday uses of the word. If you search for rust download tool you will get all rust download tools in the results, not just the one named "download". Think about how many well-known names you know that were common dictionary words first (not something that was genericized later). If you really think you can make good use of the name you could plead your case to the crates.io team.


Some of those may be cleaned up in the near future -- swmon is on this list:



Thank you, I ended up settling on the crate name netget.

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