I am building a web application using RUST and trying to connect it to the database but i was getting an error[E0277]

Please help in solving the error.

Could you please post the error?

Half of a megabyte for a screenshot that still is hard to properly read on a mobile is not what I want to download right now... Traffic is valuable...

Perhaps show some code along side the error...



#![feature(proc_macro_hygiene, decl_macro)]

#[macro_use] extern crate rocket;

extern crate diesel;
extern crate ganesh;
extern crate rand;
extern crate time;

use std::fs::File;
use rocket::request::Form;
use rocket::response::Redirect;
use rocket::http::{Cookie, Cookies};
use ganesh::{create_new_users_session, establish_connection};
use time::Duration;

struct User
username: String,
password: String,

fn generate_session_token(length: u8) -> Result<String, std::io::Error>
let bytes: Vec = (0..length).map(|_| rand::random::()).collect();
let strings: Vec = byyes.iter().map(|byte| format!("{:02X}", byte)).collect();
return Ok(strings.join(""));

fn index() -> File {
File::open("hello.html").expect("File not found")

#[post("/", data = "")]
fn login(mut cookies: Cookies, userdata: Form) -> Result<Redirect, String, i64>
if userdata.username == "axel".to_string() && userdata.password == "password"
match generate_session_token(64)
Ok(session_token) => {
let connection = establish_connection();
let user_id =1;
create_new_users_session(connection, username, password);
create_new_user_session(connection, user_id);
let mut c = Cookie::new("session_token", session_token);
Err(String::from("Login failed")),
Err(String::from("Username or password incorrect"))

fn main() {
rocket::ignite().mount("/", routes![index,login]).launch();

the above code is written in my main.rs file

extern crate diesel;
extern crate dotenv;

pub mod models;
pub mod schema;

use diesel::prelude::*;
use dotenv::dotenv;
use std::env;

use self::models::{NewUserSession, UserSession};

pub fn establish_connection() -> PgConnection {

let database_url = env::var("DATABASE_URL").expect("DATABASE_URL must be set");
PgConnection::establish(&database_url).expect(&format!("Error connecting to {}", database_url))


pub fn create_new_user_session
conn: &PgConnection,
token: String
) -> UserSession {
use schema::user_session;
let new_user_session = NewUserSession
token: token,
.expect("Error saving new session");


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