Hyper works in IntelliJ but not in cmd.exe

i try to use Hyper to download my Website via https. It works in intelliJ but not in cmd.exe, powershell or explorer. Thanks for Help.


This is where you need to learn to debug. (Don’t want to give too much away or not learning.)

The output gives two meaningful bits of information; The panic location and what was printed just before the panic.
Box<Any> in itself isn’t useful so you first should try and get the error content before it is converted to Box.

Hi John,
i have tried rust-gdb but it says:
error: toolchain ‘stable-x86_64-pc-windows-gnu’ does not have the binary rust-gdb.exe
info: backtrace:

stack backtrace:
0: 0x12b56c1 -
1: 0x114b8e2 -
2: 0x114b9a7 -
3: 0x105fe77 -
4: 0x106d7f5 -
5: 0x10238aa -
6: 0x1020fcb -
7: 0x12ddb4c -
8: 0x12dc4d7 -
9: 0x10272f2 -
10: 0x74428654 - BaseThreadInitThunk
11: 0x77a34a77 - RtlGetAppContainerNamedObjectPath

The msvc toolchain say’s the same.

Can’t really offer the help in getting a debugger running (sure others could) but you can first try modifying your code, adding temporary print calls that can output the error.