Hyper.rs nested routes?

Is there a way to nest routes with hyper.rs?

I want to do something like:

( "/counter") -> counter_handler


  (Method::GEt, "/get") -> ...
  (Method::POST, "/inc") -> ...
  (Method::POST, "/dec") -> ...

As far as I recall, hyper doesn't have any router built in. You have to use one of the router crates out there, or write your own.

I literally just did something like this.

I wrote handlers to check the uri and method and return an option containing a result if it matches and none otherwise. That way I can chain the handlers together in whatever order I like.

You could also check out axum which is a lightweight framework on top of hyper that can route requests.

I know, I've used axum. I was just pointing out that it isn't really that hard to do it yourself through hyper.

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