Hyper migration 0.11 to 0.12


I’ve got relatively small application in hyper 0.11 and I was now looking into migration to 0.12.

It appears to be non-trivial task as almost everything changed. My first attempt failed pathetically as I was generating more issues that I fixed.

So I’m seeking now for bit of advise.

First question is how much is hyper 0.12 stable? If I invest time into migration now will it be future proof - at least to extent that I can expect only minor changes, not complete rework?

For migration - are there any guides? Examples other that trivial ones? Hints where to start? Anything (I’m interested only in server side)?


The Futures base is unstable (in terms of changing API.) It’s likely to be until the end of the year before the core packages get migrated to use the as yet unfinalized std.