Hyper - How does Response impl Read?


Sorry for the newbie question, but could someone explain how the heck the client Response struct implements Read?

The documentation (https://hyper.rs/hyper/v0.10.7/hyper/client/response/struct.Response.html) clearly shows that it does, but I don’t see anything that could do that in the source (https://github.com/hyperium/hyper/blob/master/src/client/response.rs)


The master branch of the repo doesn’t match up with the versions on crates.io - the version you’re using is here: https://github.com/hyperium/hyper/blob/0.10.x/src/client/response.rs


Heh, can’t believe I didn’t check that. Thanks.

I wonder what’s going on in master that it wouldn’t have that?


Hyper 0.11 (currently in development on master) is moving to non-blocking I/O using https://tokio.rs/.


Cool, I’ll keep an eye on it.