Hyper client / getting started?


I’m trying to get started with real world scenario using rust, and that ended up being a project to interface with website and transforming returned content to specific json format.
(Until now, I’ve mostly done reading and some small theoretical samples of code, with only functional result being a simple file renamer tool)

I found out that hyper is being used mostly when it comes to http, and I’m getting completely lost reading the documents.

=> Are there any good resources with valid getting started guides?
Most of the guides that I’ve found seem to be old, and not functional with current version of hyper (0.12.7, at the time of writing). Worst of all, they are often not even referencing the relevant version of hyper and dependencies, so I can’t go back to a working framework in order to practice.

You can start with https://github.com/seanmonstar/reqwest (it uses hyper under the hood),
and after you get something working you can read reqwest code to understand how work with hyper.

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