Https:// website down

I’m trying to install Rust via LinuxBrew (This is a scripted install with lots of dependencies) and it’s falling over when trying to install Rust. This appears to be because is down and the script is trying to fetch

It’s not down here, and given that it’s amazon S3, if it were truly down,
the internet would be falling apart :slight_smile:

That link does 404 though. I don’t know enough to say if that URL is
supposed to be correct or not.

Works for me.

This link isn’t 404 (deleted the 2017-11-12 thing)

Good spot, i’ll report back to the LinuxBrew people to see if they wanted to link to that instead.

I see some XML of ListBucketResult of Amazon in the web site. There are many paths to some bench tar.gz and metric json files not related to Rust at all. Looks like an issue in Amazon itself.

That is the usual output from on a bucket. static hosts many build artifacts and the json files are related to Rust: they are artifacts from an old build run.