html5ever is on!

Live long and parse your HTMLs spec-conformingly, all in Rust.

Source & issues:
Doc: html5ever - Rust


Woot! Very, nice.

When does Tendril land? I ask, because I have a PR there that will need a rebase, once Tendril fully lands.

There is a PR for Tendril that needs to be finished and rebased, but I don’t know when that’s gonna happen: Zero copy parsing take 3 by kmcallister · Pull Request #142 · servo/html5ever · GitHub

Feel free to submit your PR without waiting, if it goes in first we’ll deal it when rebasing Tendril.

Well, the PR was already submitted Add xml5 parser to html5ever by Ygg01 · Pull Request #125 · servo/html5ever · GitHub but, it's best Tendril lands first, because:

  • Tendril has IMO higher value and priority
  • If Tendril lands first, there is less work, on merge conflicts than vice versa
  • It could use some tweaking, and I was waiting for Tendril to land to complete all the tweaks in one commit

Why only now?

Servo switched to Cargo (with git dependencies) and then to html5ever before was a thing, and nobody (that I know of) had asked so far.

As I’ve mentioned before: if there’s a crate under that is not on, there is no particular reason. If you’d like it there, just file an issue and we’ll do it.

Correction: someone had asked a month ago, we just took a while to actually do it.

Thanks! I have been waiting for this for a while. Can't wait to play with html5ever