Howto TcpStream in async fn?

I pass a state object as self to an async fn handler(mut self, ...) function. As one of self's fields I want to have an log: Arc<TcpStream> so that I can log.write(json_msg) to a tcp connected logging service. Invariably, I encounter the error:

the trait `serde::Serialize` is not implemented for `std::net::TcpStream`

I assume there is an idiomatic way of doing this or should I impl De-Serializer for the TcpStream?

You should use your runtime's implementation of TcpStream, such as tokio's tokio::net::TcpStream or async_std's async_std::net::TcpStream.

The standard library doesn't implement futures, it just provides the Future trait - The standard library doesn't provide anything that is async.

I think you may want to skip serialization for the log field, Although I don't really have any context about your program...
See #[serde(skip)].

Serialization is for data such as strings. It doesn't make sense to serialize an open tcp connection.

I want the TcpStream created before entering the async fn. In the async fn I only want to call the write(...) as method of a stream object in one of self's fields. The problem therefore is how to move a TcpStream field of an object into an async fc?

SOLVED: Easy ( the end...): removed serde serialization from the self struct. As a singleton it didn't need any so serde was putting unnecessary constraints on the fields (among which the TcpStream).

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