How-u-doin: Progress reporting abstraction

I've recently published the crate how-u-doin, an abstraction layer for reporting on progress. how-u-doin differs from the plethora of progress crates by decoupling the reporting of progress from the consumer or display mechanism. Here is a small write-up: how-u-doin: A progress reporting abstraction — Kurt Lawrence


Heya, had a look and I can appreciate the logical split of progress sending vs receiving vs displaying -- in one of my projects I'm using indicatif with a hidden target, and separately re-setting the terminal target.

  • One thing about State::bytes / units, I imagine consumers may want to define arbitrary units for a progress bar, though designing something around displaying / formatting the units could become complex -- e.g. storing information that a renderer could use to format the progress.
  • Everything is feature gated, nice :100:.

Thanks, @azriel91, you raise a good point about the formatting.
I figure that formatting as bytes is common enough for a flag.

I'll think about the addition of some sort of formatting descriptor (I maintain GitHub - kdr-aus/numfmt: Fast and friendly number formatting which could be an option, but it is not published on
I also welcome any contributions :slightly_smiling_face:

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