How to volunteer?

I noticed the Netherlands are the 8th country in the top 10 of countries where people who answered the survey live. And as I understand it, the survey is translated into other languages only if there are native speaking volunteers to help correct the translation. So, as I am a total noob in Rust and cannot hope to participate in the community in a useful technical way, I thought, why not volunteer to help translation into Dutch?

On the Rust website I found a list of about 65 ways to contribute, but I didn’t see the option to be a translation volunteer.

So the question is, where can I tell who that I offer my service as a native Dutch speaking volunteer for next survey, if wanted?


This topic has all the necessary information I think:

Namely a link to the Zulip chat where matters of the survey are discussed and a message from one of the Rust survey team members who you could try and contact via PM here on URLO, offering your help.