How to view a webpage in a window?


Hi all,
I was wondering if there is a way of viewing a web page in a window created by Rust? I’m using an API that needs user confirmation before I could do anything with it. The confirmation is called by a URL and after user interaction (button click) it returns a session id as a parameter in the new URL that I need to catch. I wasn’t able to find any useful crates or methods that could help me with viewing the page and catching the new URL.


Not sure how ready for use it is, but was mentioned in this relevant thread


Thanks, I’ll check it out. I don’t have to manipulate anything so let’s hope that it can manage my simple requirements.


The cef-rs seems to be based on the nightly build of Rust. Writing a user application (in my case) that would be based on the nightly build does not seem smart. There also is not much of documentation to find which does not help. Right now I have a lot of speculations and I hope someone can correct me on them.

  1. cef-rs is based on the cef which is needed to build it.
  2. I can’t seem to find the xcodeproj file to build cef for osx. Is it missing? tutorial
  3. Right now you need to include a full build of a browser to open a webpage with Rust and it would also need to be included with the release of the application?

So there is no other way than servo or cef to open a webpage with Rust?


I’m unsure why cef-rs needs compiler plugins and that many nightly features. Would anyone like to attempt a port to stable?


That would be great! From what I read the developer is just writing it by himself.