How to use two packages with the same name in one workspace?

Hi there, I am searching for a reasonable solution to the following cargo error:

two packages named `macros` in this workspace

Basically, I have multiple local packages in one workspace, some of which export proc-macros from their respective package conveniently named macros.

While I could rename every package to something unique to solve this issue now, it doesn't really seem like a long-term solution, as to avoid name collisions in my workspace I would have to name each of those crates something like: macros_0, macros_1, ..., and then keep track of what index I used most recently manually.

Simplified workspace structure:

├── package_1 
├── package_2
│   └── macros // <- name collision
└── package_3
    └── macros // <- name collision

So, is there a more elegant solution to this problem?

You could use names like package_2_macros and package_3_macros for the proc-macros of package_2 cq package_3. This matches what many crates using proc-macros do.

Makes sense. I guess I was hoping there was some kind of Cargo.toml section which could tell cargo to treat sub-crates of a package in some kind of special way so that the collision problem wouldn't occur. But that solution seems good enough. Thank you!

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