How to use Rc and Hashmap?

I'd like to share a hashmap using Rc.

My code:

    let mut hm: HashMap<String, String> = HashMap::new();

    let rc_hm = Rc::new(hm);
    let rc_hm_cloned = rc_hm.clone();
    let mut borrow_hm = rc_hm_cloned.borrow();


15 |     let mut borrow_hm = rc_hm_cloned.borrow();
   |                         -------------^^^^^^--
   |                         |            |
   |                         |            cannot infer type for struct `std::rc::Rc<std::collections::HashMap<std::string::String, std::string::String>>`
   |                         this method call resolves to `&Borrowed`
   = note: cannot satisfy `std::rc::Rc<std::collections::HashMap<std::string::String, std::string::String>>: std::borrow::Borrow<_>`

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Rc<HashMap> makes it read-only. You need Rc<RefCell<HashMap>> to have it mutable.

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@kornel Same effect. ;(

Your import of std::borrow::Borrow is getting in the way, because then it tries to use Borrow::borrow directly on the Rc. What you want is really RefCell::borrow, an inherent method unrelated to Borrow, which you can usually get through implicit auto-deref.

Also, you want borrow_mut() if you intend to mutate through this.
(But similarly, watch out for BorrowMut getting in the way.)

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