How to use pyrs to convert python code to rust code?


I am trying to convert some python code to rust using this "" but when I try to transpile the python code the rust file is blank. Does anyone know how to use this properly and fix this issue I have.


If you have some code we can look at, we could help you transpile it, but without that...


It is not aimed at producing ready-to-compile code, but some basic stuff can be compiled easily (see Examples).

Only basic subset of Python is supported right now

Depending on what your doing, it may not be supported yet.

Edit: later,

This one won't compile. All unknown types are labeled. T stands for Type, RT is for Return Type and ST is for Struct Type. Ordering them this way enables you finding and replacing them in the future

When talking about converting classes to structs

The code is too long to be pasted here.

Ok how can I compile a python hello world programme to rust using pyrs

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