How to use geany for all programming language in linux:

Now i am using geany for Rust.

First install geany:
$ sudo apt-get install geany geany-plugins

1- geany hello/src/ 2- in menu view menu click show message windows. 3- then click terminal.(to show the terminal in geany) 4- write your code then use f4 in keyboard to go to terminal(geany terminal). 5- cargo run
6- use f2 to edit your code again.
7- now we write the code and use f2 to edit and f4 to run without using the mouse.

the image here:

good luck

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to avoid rewriting “cargo run” in geany terminal just use up arrow in keyboard.
use Ctrl + Tab to switch between opened files.
for shortcuts.

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Is there are a plugin for racer? Syntax highlighting is not enough;
but i prefer geany, because GTK-app with good and clear handling, not overloaded.