How to upload data to a php server?

I know it's probably a big question, so I am fine with someone just telling me where to begin so I can piece things together.
I have a command line tool where I want to know how often it's used. If it's started, I want to send a signal to my php server, that writes it into a mysql database. I know how to write to a database, but I don't know how to connect a rust program, through the web, using http to tell the php server: "Hey, the Program you have written 10 years ago has just been executed!".

You'll need to use an HTTP client, like reqwest.

Also if you don't want to use async and pull in a runtime, you can use a sync client like ureq. Just make sure to make the request in a separate thread so your cli doesn't feel slow.

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How would I do this using ureq?
I am fairly new to the internals of Http.
I get a
Response[status: 400, status_text: Dns Failed]
Pinging my server works however as well as reading it using the browser

This is what I have

let resp = ureq::post("")
 	.set("id", "1")
println!("{:?}", resp);

with the "id" specifying the variable i want to read with php via $_POST['id']

I should have removed the 's' from 'https'. I forgot to remove it by copying the example.
But I think I shouldn't be using the set command for setting variables

Ok one has to use .send_form() command instead of the .set() command. Man how glad I am the code on github is so well documented. Thanks for the suggestions.

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What about reqwest::blocking?

That could work too. It is still using Futures underneath. But I guess as a user you don't have to think about it and you don't need a runtime.

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