How to uninstall rust?


how is that done? is there any script for that?


If you are on windows, just use the installer. On OSX and linux you can use the same script you used for installing, see


Maybe it would be best if you created one thread with all of your questions. Also these kinds of questions seem to fit IRC better, if you dont want to wait a long time for answers.


IRC is blocked from work. I don’t mind waiting.

i figured separating the question would allow separate discussions (if


curl -L | sudo sh

results in bad checksum.

so i get the official binary download and run its installation script again.
But i did not t see the installation script removing anything and
rustc still worked.


Passing --uninstall to either or will uninstall Rust.

There is an issue open to make this easier still (and to work with the OS X .pkg file) by not requiring the installer again. So after the next rust-installer upgrade uninstall will be just /usr/local/lib/rustlib/, though I’m considering whether we want to also install a script to /usr/local/bin called e.g. rust-uninstall.


For later reference, to uninstall a software installed with an .MSI (Windows Installer) package via command prompt:

If you specify the GUID of the installation, you don’t need the original package.

rustup self uninstall


This worked fine on Windows OS.


It works