How to type literal string input params

Can a function expect a type of argument that is either "kung" | "foo", how is this done in Rust?
Some API's allow only specific strings to be used. How can I enforce this in rust?

Use an enum.

enum KungFoo { Kung, Foo }
fn bar(kf: KungFoo) { ... }

If, for some reason, you need the actual strings, add a method to get them:

impl KungFoo {
    fn as_str(&self) -> &'static str {
        match self {
            Self::Kung => "kung",
            Self::Foo => "foo",
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thanks, but now it is a problem if the string starts with a number, it won't compile.

Use a different name, or prefix with a letter, like "2score" => N2Score.


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