How to transcode Media files in Rust

I'm trying to figure out a way to transcode an MP3 file to an AAC file type in Rust. If anyone could put me in the right direction I would appreciate it.

I want to know the steps I would need to take to make this happen or any crate which would be a good resource to checkout.

Using the gstreamer bindings is probably the closest you'll be able to get to a simple transcoding API

It's sometimes simplest to call out to a CLI tool like ffmpeg, depending on your needs


Thank you @semicoleon, this works.

While using the GStreamer rust crate, when trying to create an element with the factory name being set osxaudiosink.

match gst::ElementFactory::make("osxaudiosink", None) {

I keep getting this error

BoolError { message: "Failed to create element from factory name", filename: "/Users/apple/.cargo/registry/src/", function: "gstreamer::auto::element_factory", line: 204 }

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