How to test file under sub-dir of tests folder?

Hi, I have a test file under sub-dir of tests (tests\backtrack) and cargo test cannot find it. Any suggestion? Thanks!

The Cargo documentation says:

If a binary, example, bench, or integration test consists of multiple source files, place a file along with the extra modules within a subdirectory of the src/bin , examples , benches , or tests directory. The name of the executable will be the directory name.

So a function marked with #[test] in tests/backtrack/ won't be automatically run by cargo test, unlike if you put the same function in tests/ Instead, Cargo assumes that tests/backtrack/ contains a module that will be pulled in by some other test, but since there are no mod statements in your code, it never will be. If you want that #[test] function to be run, but still want the .rs file to be in its own directory under tests/, you should rename the file to tests/backtrack/, and Cargo will do the desired thing.

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Thank you!

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