How to start with creating API's

Hello, I am learning rust for past month, and now i want to start with some creating backend api's etc. So can anyone suggest with some good docs and tutorials, which are especially for beginner rustcheans!!!

Thank You.

Learn to work with Tokio and PostgresSQL, FlatBuffers, jsonrpc2 etc and make some toy projects.

For people coming to this old post looking for a answer I thought I would add zero2prod, it's not free but it's cheap enough and I think it's a pretty popular choice. On the Rust subreddit topic of the week last week I saw several people mention that they were working on zero2prod

Zero To Production is the ideal starting point for your journey as a Rust backend developer.
You will learn by doing: you will build a fully functional email newsletter API, starting from scratch.

The best Rust book I own.

I highly recommend it.

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