How to start rust-analyzer server binary and what port is it?

I have tried execute "rust-analyzer" binary file and then open another terminal. Typeing "ps" command and show all the running process but the rust-analyzer is not on the screen(neither in top or htop). I guess the problem is that this is not how to start rust-analyzer server so maybe I should write my own program. If yes, what file should i use when custom my server, the binary file? If no, how can i start the server and what port it is?

the rust-analyzer server does not listen on any port, it does not use TCP by default.
It communicates over stdin and stdout.

Usually your editor (or some plugin in it) starts an instance of rust-analyzer and communicates with it directly.
If you manually run the rust-analyzer binary it runs, but won't print anything.
If you just press enter you will see it error out, that way you know it worked.


i think i got the idea, thanks for help!

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