How to solve thread sync

i have a function to launch 2 thread, and i want to block them.

pub fn run(self) {
    let get_info_task = self.executor.clone().spawn(async move {
    let send_nonce_task = self.executor.clone().spawn(async move {

the self.executor is builded by

let rt = Builder::new()

but if i do like this

513 | |         join_all(vec![get_info_task,send_nonce_task]).await;
    | |         ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ only allowed inside `async` functions and blocks

if i add


it will throws out that

can't use runtime within runtime

do everybody know how to block them? because if i don't use join the main thread will break out.
does block_on helpful???

You don't need join_all if you are also using spawn.

pub fn run(self) {
    let (a, b) = self.executor.block_on(async move {
        let a = tokio::spawn(async move {
        let b = tokio::spawn(async move {
        (a.await.unwrap(), b.await.unwrap())
    println!("{} {}", a, b);
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