How to share blog posts on forum?

I'd like to start blogging about Rust, specifically I'd like to make educational Rust content targeted at Rust beginners and Rust advanced beginners. Is it okay for me to share my blog posts on this forum, and if so, how?

I searched the forums for the word "blog" and found that people occasionally share their blog posts about Rust in the Uncategorized or Announcements categories but neither of those categories seem to be a particularly good fit. There's the Tutorial category but I think a Tutorial is a very specific kind of educational content which most blog posts don't fall under either.

Could we make an Educational category where blog posts, books, and other educational resources can be shared?

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I think the Tutorials category is most appropriate for sharing “educational” resources. We could also consider renaming it to something more general.

My only hesitation with using the Tutorials category is that I'm not planning to write any tutorials, so putting general educational content into the Tutorials category seems weird.

I think renaming the "tutorials" category to "educational" is a great, backwards-compatible, idea! :slight_smile:

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