How to set a cargo new template?

I notice that executing cargo new my_project_name --bin/lib will generate a .gitignore file, which contains only one line /target.

How can I configure cargo new so that the generated .gitignore file will contain one more line /.idea, since I use Clion+Rust plugin to write Rust codes.

Or generally speaking, is there a way to use templates to create projects? Thanks!

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There's no support for templates.

You can make yourself a global ignore file, e.g.:

git config --global core.excludesfile ~/.gitignore
echo .idea >> ~/.gitignore

I normally use cargo-generate when creating new projects. If you want, feel free to fork Michael-F-Bryan/github-template and customise it to your linking.

You can install cargo-generate from, which lets you build templates.

Thanks! But how to do it on Windows?

Thanks! But how can I create my own templates? I cannot find tutorials about how to customize templates in the repo of cargo generate, but only existing templates. Do you know such tutorials?

Does explain? If not, filing an issue would be helpful Iā€™m sure.

Oh I can see how it works! Basically, there are only 4 fields in Cargo.toml we can customize as listed. As for other files, cargo generate just simply copy them into the generated project from the template.

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On Windows it's probably the same, except change the path from ~ to your actual home directory.

core.excludesfile has a default value ($XDG_CONFIG_HOME/git/ignore or $HOME/.config/git/ignore), so setting it explicitly is not necesarily needed. Although I have no idea what the default is on Windows.

I'd give %HOME%\.config\git\ignore a try...

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