How to serve Wasm as a static site such as the Yew Framework?

I built a small project with yew following a tutorial. Here is the repo for what I built:

I think it was following this tutorial (however its not loading now...):

Anyway, at the conclusion I wanted to serve the static project from one of those static site servers, in this case cloudflare pages. I was able to serve it locally successfully with trunk .

Successfully serves locally.

I tried to deploy two ways on to cloudflare pages, without success.

I tried to push the compiled release wasm file to github by first calling
trunk build --release
git push origin

With the cloudflare build settings set to:

build command: none entry source: target/wasm32-unknown-unknown/release/yew-app.wasm

No luck, so I tried

build command trunk build --release and entry source: target/wasm32-unknown-unknown/release/yew-app.wasm

No luck, here we failed with the following output

14:30:43.551	v12.18.0 is already installed.
14:30:44.076	Now using node v12.18.0 (npm v6.14.4)
14:30:44.122	Started restoring cached build plugins
14:30:44.126	Finished restoring cached build plugins
14:30:44.260	Attempting ruby version 2.7.1, read from environment
14:30:45.322	Using ruby version 2.7.1
14:30:45.606	Using PHP version 5.6
14:30:45.639	5.2 is already installed.
14:30:45.645	Using Swift version 5.2
14:30:45.645	Installing Hugo 0.54.0
14:30:46.232	Hugo Static Site Generator v0.54.0-B1A82C61A/extended linux/amd64 BuildDate: 2019-02-01T10:04:38Z
14:30:46.233	Started restoring cached go cache
14:30:46.236	Finished restoring cached go cache
14:30:46.262	go version go1.14.4 linux/amd64
14:30:46.266	go version go1.14.4 linux/amd64
14:30:46.267	Installing missing commands
14:30:46.267	Verify run directory
14:30:46.267	Executing user command: trunk build --release
14:30:46.268	/opt/build/bin/build: line 39: trunk: command not found
14:30:46.270	Failed: build command exited with code: 127

So should I be installing rust and trunk as a part of the build process then generating and serving the wasm file or heading in a different direction?

One other question I have, I thought the point was that web assembly files could be super small, but here our yew-app.wasm is 2.4mb? Why is it so big, despite doing almost nothing ¯\__(ツ)_/¯? Or is the file size larger, but it able to be read very efficiently?

With fresh eyes I reviewed the trunk documentation and see I overlooked the solution there.

trunk build will produce the following HTML at dist/index.html , along with the compiled scss, WASM & the JS loader for the WASM:

The collective files in the dist directory are a total of 247 KB which is more in line with my expectations.

So on cloudflare pages I just directed to dist as my build folder and the page successfully serves at:

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