How to report issue (or determine it's already known) w unstable feature (const generics)?


Coming from other languages having such constructs, I jumped right in to const generics and am pleased to see them moving along.

I've found a bug, but don't know how best to determine whether it's already known, or whether it needs to be reported -- where does this workgroup hang out and do they have a separate issues queue or should I search the rustc issues with some specific keywords or flags?

Kind regards

Specific details:
When structs' generic parameters are parameterized on enum values, construction of these structs does not trigger the compiler to recognize that the enum has been used (even if it is in fact used in runtime match for instance) and a dead_code warning is emitted.

I don't know if there's an existing issue for this, but it will be in the rust-lang/rust repo if it is. If not, feel free to file an issue. If I'm understanding you correctly this sounds like a bug.

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