How to replace crate when using another source?

For some reason, I set ~/.cargo/config to be following:

replace-with = 'ustc'
registry = "git://"

And then I try to run this project, but it doesn’t work because it fail to replace the crate:

warning: Patch `hyper v0.12.31 (git://` was not used in the crate graph.
Check that the patched package version and available features are compatible
with the dependency requirements. If the patch has a different version from
what is locked in the Cargo.lock file, run `cargo update` to use the new
version. This may also occur with an optional dependency that is not enabled.

The key settings of Cargo.toml is following:

hyper = "0.12"
"hyper" = { git = "git://", branch = "pub-pool" }

I have try replace patch.crates-io to many things, but it still doesn’t work.
I use windows7 and stable-x86_64-pc-windows-gnu.
I try it on a linux server and it works.
So how to solve this problem?

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