How to render table as image?

Hey guys! I have a data with students' names and their marks. I have to render image with names and marks. I have 2 solutions to do it:

  1. Make simple html page and then render it to .png, but I haven't found crates for this
  2. Use crate for this. I also haven't found crates for this.

What format is your table in to begin with?

SVG is a simple format. Does that count?
Perhaps just convert "render" your table to an svg file.

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I second the SVG approach. If you want a PNG from that, there's resvg and librsvg.

SVG doesn't do layout, so you'll have to compute table widths manually. But if you're making an image, I presume you don't mind doing that, because you care how it looks. Otherwise you could generate CSV instead :slight_smile:


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