How to release self-contained binaries with GitHub actions?

I'm putting the finishing touches on a command-line application that I've been working on, and I'd like to add a release process to my CI workflow. I want to publish a new release for every new push to the repository.

Ideally, users will be able to download a statically linked binary for Windows, Mac, or Linux and not need a Rust installation. I'm aware of trust, but has anyone done similar work for GitHub actions?

I think unless you use some C libraries (e.g. openssl) you don't really need to worry about it being self-contained as the only dependency would be C runtime (glib in case of Linux)

If you want some simple way, you should go for cross and use musl target


I found this example at one point that I’ve been meaning to crib something off flydb/build-binary.yml at master · zackify/flydb · GitHub

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