How to pull data from a data base table

The example given on diesal only insert and update data from a database table. What if we wanted to pull data from a table.

More ever, in most practical cases, we pull data from multiple tables not just one. How an ORM handel that situation, since we write separate crud code for each and every table.

In that where will we write that code, since wer are retrieving data from multiple table. I will specially thankful if some one, who has already implemented this scenario, help me on that.

I have no idea what you did or did not look at, but one of the very first code examples in the official getting started guide is querying a table and displaying the returned data.

You use joins. Again, you don't have to click more than two on the main page to arrive at Relations.

Please, use a search engine or the page search. These were not hard to find at all.

If you are looking for real world code you can also look at one of the few ten thousand repositories depending on diesel. I think you can safely assume than some crates contain all variants of queries you can think of. To name some well known examples:

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