How to properly manage assets in a web server project

My personal website is written in Rust, which has some associated JavaScript and SCSS. Currently, I manage minification and prefixing as a part of my This is nice because I can output the generated files into $OUT_DIR, and my crate can simply use the relative paths in some static file middleware. However, this has the downside of requiring a crate rebuild every time the JS or SCSS changes. Is there a better way to manage these assets? Using a Makefile? Something else?

I have thought about using a proxy server with live reloading (webpack dev server in my case) while developing. The idea is for it to intercept the static asset requests and pass everything else through to the real server. Then the server will only have to be recompiled before deploying it, or when it’s changed. I haven’t tried it out yet, but it should work. :slight_smile: