How to post a message with a quote and Rust code?


Hi there,

I started a new topic in the community category and received several replies. When I tried to reply to one of them with a quote and with a preformatted Rust code example it simply wasn’t published. Even when I made everything as a simple text it wasn’t published. Seems to be a bug in this discussion board. This is what I tried to publish:

And this is the topic where I tried to do that: Wrong terminology used in Rust

I was able to make only short replies there.


Just realized that the Akismet has temporarily hidden my post. What’s wrong with my post and why the notification about this filtering is so inconspicuous?


You’re a new user posting a ton of links, that’s why Akismet got involved. I’ve approved the posts.


There is no link in that my message. Do you have some message size limit for new users?