How to perform postgres SQL using multiple threads

I am grateful for all the help, and feel a bit ashamed to ask another question whilst I haven't found the time to go through all the results.

I want to query a postgres database, and want to use a persistent connection pool. It seems the sqlx package provides this functionality. However, I would like to use multiple threads to perform work.

Serial queries do work:

use sqlx::postgres::PgPoolOptions;

async fn main() -> Result<(), sqlx::Error> {
    let pool = PgPoolOptions::new()

    for _ in 0..1000 {
        let row: (i64, ) = sqlx::query_as("SELECT $1").bind(150_i64).fetch_one(&pool).await?;


What I would like to do, is perform the queries (sqlx::query_as) in a number of threads.
I have tried several examples, but every time I wrap the query part in some form of threading, errors indicating unsatisfied traits.

I would think it should be simple to spawn multiple threads performing work, but I cannot get my head around it.

How can I get a unit of work, such as the for loop and the query (using the connection pool, that is very important!) be executed at the same time in threads?

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