How to parse reqwest::blocking::response json to a struct

Hi all
Real newbie trying to learn Rust ... Started off to write a basic little program that basically just queries and API and then should parse the response. I am having real trouble getting deceriazing the json response into a struct.
Here is the code so far :

extern crate reqwest;
use reqwest::header::{HeaderMap , HeaderValue, AUTHORIZATION};
use serde_derive::{Serialize, Deserialize};  
use serde_json;
use serde::Deserialize;

struct Confidence {
    min_confidence : i32,
    average_configende : i32,
    max_confidence : i32,

fn main() {
    let ioc = "value to be searched";
    let api_key = "api key details";
    let base_url= format!("{}", ioc) ;  // Join the &str and String to create full URL
    let full_url = &base_url[..];   // Convert String to &str which is required by reqwest::blocking::client 

    let mut request_header = HeaderMap::new();
    request_header.insert( AUTHORIZATION, HeaderValue::from_static(api_key));

    let client = reqwest::blocking::Client::new();
    let mut response_full = client.get(full_url)
//println!("Printing Body :  {:#?}" , response.unwrap().text() ) ;   // prints the body 

If i un-comment the println this is the output :
Body : Ok(
"{"min_confidence": 0, "average_confidence": 0, "max_confidence": 0}",

I think by now i have tried at least 10 different 'ways' of trying to get the data into the stuct using various json methods ( just copying/editing lots of examples i have found on the internet that look familiar ) and had 0 luck .

Any help would be greatly appreciated , i have tried readin the crate documentation pages for reqwest and serde but it's just confused me more

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You should be able to just do

let value: Confidence = response.json().unwrap();

apologies, fixed it

Nah doesnt work.
no method named json found for enum std::result::Result<reqwest::blocking::Response, reqwest::Error> in the current scope
method not found in std::result::Result<reqwest::blocking::Response, reqwest::Error>

If it helps this is what my cargo file looks like


reqwest = { version = "0.10.0-alpha.2", features = ["blocking" ,"json"] }
serde = "1.0.114"
serde_json = "1.0"
serde_derive = "1.0.114"

You need to .unwrap() the response. Whenever it says "no method ... found for enum Result<..., ...>" then that means that you called a fallible operation, and need to handle that failure.

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Damn so simple , thanks so much and sorry for wasting ur time.

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