How to *not' have my topics blocked?

I just created two topics, with (I think) perfectly valid questions.

For both topics I get:
Akismet has temporarily hidden your post

Now I cannot see my posts, that took me 15 minutes to write! Why does it happen?


Don’t worry, it’s only automatic spam detection that’s acting overly zealous on new users, the topics are not deleted, no work is lost. As soon as a moderator looks at your topics, they will certainly re-appear :slight_smile:

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Okay. I hope so, because I did not backup my text :melting_face:

I can feel you. I have, multiple times, made the same kind of mistake writing a lengthy youtube comment. Of course youtube doesn’t have moderators, so stuff that’s automatically removed without any reason is lost forever :sweat_smile:

I think I answered to one of your previous replies, and then suddenly the post was deleted. Not that my answer was smart (I misread your post at the first time), but I was surprised your post as well as my answer was gone. It was certainly a legit question and I didn't see any reason to block it.

Are you sure your YouTube comments are getting deleted?

I have noticed that comments I make on YouTube will be visible sometimes and sometimes not. Some times I see a comment with something like "2 replies" under it but clicking there only shows 1 or none. Sometimes comments are in there under notifications but not showing up under the actual video. I have been suspecting its all about "eventual consistency" of their databases. That things can be out of sync depending how you look at them.

I’m pretty sure, yes. I was fighting that their spam system on multiple occasions; none of the disappeared comments ever came back. It doesn’t like lengthy comments (I mean really detailed ones) at all quite often. I got it tripped up over using lots of mathematical notation once. Once I added an innocent link; I mean, they support links as a feature nowadays? On that occasion I had saved the text (thankfully) and incrementally tried making the comment more and more harmless, trying merely to describe how to find the website, doing minimal changes, and nailing it down to comments containing a certain (entirely harmless and on-topic english word that even appeared in the video title) to be the relevant factor for whether or not a comment got blocked/deleted. Weird stuff… I could circumvent the issue by replacing a lower-case L in that word (I don’t quite remember what the word was btw.) with an upper-case i to make the thing still human-readable but spam-bot defeating.

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How long should it take for my topic(s) to be unlocked? Still hasn't happened, it seems...

It would be nice if there was a draft-like section, read-only is fine, where users could see jailed threads they have posted in. And a status of "pending review", "pending cooldown", "lul you're dumpstered" (ok maybe those last ones are just deleted).

I've hit the "I was trying to write up a reply and it disappeared because they're new" thing too and it is annoying, so maybe non-posted drafts are supported but unpostable until the thread unlocks. On the other hand it's like, once or twice a year.

Those are all feature requests for the forum software anyway, I recognize.


Honestly it would be nice if you could still see and reply to things marked as spam if you're already on the page. I've hit that too a couple times, and it's annoying to have written out most of a reply to a real question and then not be able to make the reply. Even if the reply wasn't visible to the user until after the post was unflagged by a moderator, it would be nice if it could be there when it was unflagged since it's already (mostly) written.

There may be good reasons to not support all of that in general of course.

Hmmm... I feel like the automatic spam protection bot/system could integrate better with basic core forum functionality: don't make it let topics magically completely disappear, but instead simply let it mark the thread as unlisted, and flag it for moderator attention in some way.

This way, everyone who is already interacting with the thread can keep writing their reply, and also trust level 4 users could help with effectively marking incorrectly flagged topics as "not spam". To help with discoverability of the hidden threads for non-mods, we could have a lounge[1]-like thread for trust 4 users where links to spam-detected unlisted topics get posted.

If the goal is to have the topics be more deleted than just unlisted long-term: if such a thing is technically possible, the action of a user closing an unlisted spam thread (perhaps only topics without any replies and within some time period after the topic was created) could indicate to the spam protection system "please go ahrad and completely disappear this topic after all" and the action of re-listing it could indicate "this is not spam". The system could possibly un-flag the post accordingly, and remove the entry from the spam thread discoverability thread I mentioned above. Trust level 4 users could decide to mute that thread if they aren't interested in participating with spam review.

Maybe I'm thinking too complicated and all that's needed here is to give more people (e. g. trust 4 users, not just moderators) the right to directly interact with the UI of the spam detection review. I feel like, since hiding and closing, re-opening and re-listing topics is already within their capabilities, the spam system would fit the rights, too, anyways.

Maybe such ideas would need implementation work that's better asked in the forum? What do you think @notriddle, should I ask over there?

  1. "lounge" is a thread category visible for trust level 3 users ↩︎

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It's already taking longer that what would be usual in my experience, though I haven't correlated this experience with factors like the day of the week. I can only assume that the (unfortunately not so many) very active mods we have that quickly review flagged posts all haven't been online or haven't come around to this yet.

I would be surprised if it took longer than 24h in total though, but of course I cannot promise anything.

That would be the right place to ask, yeah.

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My topics have been restored. Thanks.