How to name my crates integration test?

I usually have a single integration test crate for my crate (to improve compile time by linking test executable only once).

However, I am always having trouble inventing name for this test crate. Just conflicts with unit-tests, and tests/ looks silly. tests/ looks perfect, but then the name is main, which is silly. And I don't have any other obvious options :slight_smile:

Can anyone suggest better alternatives?

tests/ :slight_smile:

Often I'll call mine because often I just want to make sure the happy path works and it doesn't let the smoke out.

That said, a lot of the things I do lend themselves more towards unit testing than integration testing, so I don't do too much in my tests/ folder.

I've gone with tests/ for the time being.


Ok, so, it’s unconventional, yes, but «everyone» probably knows it’s the last and only full scale test where all the individual pieces come together. Sort of an integration test for musicians and actors.

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