How to mutate state with a value produced by an async method?

i am building a client application that performs some networking against a server. i'm at the beginning of building it, so all i want to do at the moment is fetch results and display them. i am trying to do so with async/await to learn asynchronous rust.

the problem i'm running into is that spawn/spawn_local require Future that has 'static lifetime. however, i want to update state on self. i guess one way to do this is to use a channel and send messages back to the main thread that owns self. however, i'd like to learn how i would do this using the correct rust primitives. i have tried to use Mutex<Rc<Cell<T>>> but i still get the same lifetime error.

how can i get the async block to have a reference that lives beyond the scope of the function? i tried async move but that doesn't seem to do what i want either.

i have written this playground that demonstrates my issue:

note: i guess i don't need Mutex since i'm using LocalSpawnExt and spawn_local, but, even if i remove Mutex, i get the same error.

perhaps i have solved my own problem:

  • since i'm using spawn_local, i am doing everything on a single thread and don't need to worry about an executor taking things to another thread. therefore, i can remove Mutex.
  • i can then use Rc::clone to clone the reference to the underlying Cell, which i can then set in the async move block. i changed the playground this way:

(i unfortunately didn't realize that would change the playground pointed to by the permalink, so i don't think the buggy version is available anymore)

You need to hit share again to generate a new link. The playground links are immutable, so your link still points to the original.