How to measure the performance of an application in chrome and firefox

Hi, I've got an app in Java and I'd like to meassure the performance of some views in Chrome and Firefox and I wonder if I can meassure it with rust, any idea?

When you say "performance", which metrics are you wanting to measure? And if you were doing it by hand (imagine you've got an infinitely precise stopwatch or something), how would you trigger the action you want to measure?

If you know what you are measuring and how you interact with it, that'll help you figure out how best to measure it.

Yes, measure metrics such as bytes, loading and scripting speed. I suppose I should use selenium (python) instead of rust. Even though, I've seen I can use rust with selenium, but I don't know what's better, python or rust, maybe someone who has used selenium with rust can tell me.

I've found the fantoccini crate to be a really nice WebDriver implementation to use.

Whether Rust or Python will be easy to use depends on your comfort with the languages. The Python selenium package uses blocking IO so it's quite straightforward, whereas fantoccini uses async-await and that generally requires a bit more knowledge with Rust.

Great, thanks!

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