How to make rust usable in schools

First, this is completely subjective. I found Rust completely painless to learn. The secret? Years of C++ and a bit of interest in FP before I had heard of Rust.

Once again, when someone complains that "Thing X is hard to do in Rust", it's not the fault of Rust. It is instead the problem that is hard in general – and indeed, finite-precision numbers are not fun to deal with if our mathematically-trained brains expect integers to be enumerably infinite. (And fallible type conversions in general are also not easy to manipulate correctly.)

The problem is that most other languages don't expose this problem. Instead, they make it easy to write sloppy code, and hard to write correct code.

This, if anything, is the anti-thesis of pedagogy. I have a couple of years of experience teaching C and C++ to people online and
offline (at a traditional university), and the general experience is that most people never properly learn these languages, because it's just too easy to write bad code and Undefined Behavior in them.

Consequently, I wouldn't want anything that made it easier to skim over perhaps annoying but certainly important details. At least let's please keep one single language that doesn't allow the perpetually-reinforced sloppiness.