How to make a 3d editor in Rust

I want to write a 3d editor in Rust that can load a simple 3d model, and place and move 3d points onto this model (this is for a game modding program I'm writing). I also need to integrate a GUI into this program (such as egui). Is there a library already created for this purpose - something like ImGuizmo for Rust?
If not, what tool should I use for the job? I could use something like three-d, or I could use a game engine like fyrox or bevy - I'm not really sure which option is best!
Thanks for your help.

I have no idea about your question. But wow, thanks for the heads up on three-d, that looks great. I'm going to have some fun with that tomorrow.


Bevy has support for egui and various input methods, so it should be suitable. It is heavily based on the ECS pattern, which may be great if you like it, or a learning curve if you're not familiar with that approach.

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