How to link Cmake project in CXX?

I did this in cxx:

fn main() {

I want to link with another C++ library, but still run everything on Rust. I thus want to call C++ code, from Rust, and still have it compiled and linked using Cargo. All the projects I find are the inverse: compiling rust from Cmake and using on C++.

So, how do I compile a cmake project from and link to

Well, as far as I can tell, this should work as-is, in the sense that it should already invoke the compiler and the linker properly, that's the very purpose of cxx_build. This allows you to call the C++ code from your if you create the appropriate declarations in Rust.

Did you look at the complete, runnable demo?

I made the demo work, but my code needs a really large C++ library that is only buildable by cmake. So I need to link with this lib

In that case, build the library using CMake, and specify an install directory that is accessible by the Rust build. Then, emit cargo:rustc-link-lib commands from the build script, see here.

You can also use the cmake crate for running cmake. Here is an example from the docs:

use cmake::Config;

let dst = Config::new("libfoo")
                 .define("FOO", "BAR")
println!("cargo:rustc-link-search=native={}", dst.display());
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