How to learn rust: zero to hero

where can I get toturial for rust that will build my knowledge from ground up
I have experience with rust but I want build my foundation again so that i can build more on it

What part of the language do you want to learn?

I recommend the official Rust book

You also might wanna try Rust for the polyglot programmer


i want to learn the basics

I have seen and read the docs and I am not getting the core concept making it feel like am not learning anything so I am looking for videos that i can see someone take there time to explain the concept

Do you have previous experience in programming? Have you looked for introductory videos in YouTube?

yes i have python for 2 years, node.js for 1 year and entery level in c and c++ . I am also able to read, write and understand the rust syntax but am not able to put into use

I see. Maybe Crazcalm's videos might be right for you:

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wow this is great
Thanks so much really appreciate

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