How to keep compiled Rust tools up do date?

Hi, I have several tools that I have installed via source code or cargo like Alacritty, Helix or Starship.

How can I keep them up to date except from manually update them? Is there a way to update at least the cargo installed tools with a simple command like cargo update?

If they're installed by way of cargo then you can use the cargo-update tool (which has an unfortunate name seeing as cargo update is a thing).

cargo install cargo-update

Then you can list which tools need to be updated:

$ cargo install-update -l

Package           Installed  Latest   Needs update
cargo-expand      v1.0.74    v1.0.77  Yes
eza               v0.16.3    v0.17.0  Yes
cargo-edit        v0.12.2    v0.12.2  No
cargo-update      v13.3.0    v13.3.0  No
git-delta         v0.16.5    v0.16.5  No
hexyl             v0.14.0    v0.14.0  No
jless             v0.9.0     v0.9.0   No
qrrs              v0.1.9     v0.1.9   No
swift-bridge-cli  v0.1.52    v0.1.52  No
tokio-console     v0.1.10    v0.1.10  No
wasm-tools        v1.0.54    v1.0.54  No

And update all outdated binaries:

cargo install-update -a

awesome, thanks for your help

And Happy New Year to all of you


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