How to iterate on serde_rusqlite


I have this struct:

struct CustomerAccount {
    id: i32,
    name: String,
    user_name: String,

And I am retrieving data from a sqlite table as follows:

let manager = SqliteConnectionManager::file("/Users/xxx/go/bin/backend/db/zerodb.db");
    let pool = r2d2::Pool::new(manager).unwrap();   

    let conn = pool.get().unwrap();
    let mut statement = conn.prepare("select id, name, username as user_name from customer_account").unwrap();
    let mut res = from_rows::<CustomerAccount>(statement.query(NO_PARAMS).unwrap());

Above code works fine but I am not able to find the way to iterate to collect all the rows retrieved from the DB. I have assumed that I should use something like res.iterate() or something like that but could not find it.

Thanks in advance